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Founder of MisFydKrafts

    “I paint with my crochet hook, I colour with my yarn” – MisFydKrafts

I'm Rafidah Anum Zainaddin and Fyd is my nickname. I was raised in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.  As I grew in a beautiful and creative surrounding, my mother who was always experimenting with different crafts which exposed and inspired me to try and learned various craft type when I was small. The one that I was really hooked was crochet which I first learned from my mother.

I love working with fiber and yarn, I think being able to manipulate a single yarn to make something extraordinary suit my nature that loves hands on work. I believe, my crochet needle is my brush, my colour yarn are my paint.

Creating crochet accessories and art gives me a chance to spend my time differently from my current 9-6 Biotech scientist lab work.  Being a crafter has allowed be to explore my creative side while mostly being more analytical & scientific thinking at day which is also one of my passion.

I like to think my work is themed around modern design crochet.  For crochet accessories creation, I am always looking for simple but “wow” design that no one has done before. I also love creating biology related themes in my art pieces.

Experience and Achievements

  • Founded MisFydKrafts (001975460-K), February 2010
  • 8TV Quickie, live guest on MisFydKrafts beanies (1/3/2011)
  • Featured in By'U magazine (August issue, 2012)
  • Cat Fashion Show for MCFA Festival 2012, cat headbands accessories (1/7/2012)
  • WTSC challenge "The Chromosomes" (2nd place) by ACG, National Textile Museum KL exhibition (4-17/11/2012)
  • i-cipta Biz, TVi Astro RTM, MisFydKrafts handmade business, (12/3/2013)Bella Unwind NTV7, live guest, "Do the crochet magic!" (21/2/2013)
  • Featured in Majalah IK, Inspiration Kejayaan (issue 15, 2014)
  • Spotlight Malaysia, crochet instructor (since 2014)
  • The Arts & Crafts Guild, KL & Selangor (ROS-3 1720/93 (WP)/PPM-024014030101993), Life member since 2011,  Committee for Publicity (2013-2014), Committee for Membership (2014-2015, current)


About MisFydKrafts

MisFydKrafts Mission

To make MisFydKrafts the best choice of quality design handmade accessories/product while supporting and promoting creative handmade. MisFydKrafts is dedicated to make good quality and original designs accessories/product for all.

MisFydKrafts Overview / History

Tokyo 2006, one of the senior lab mate (先輩 senpai) asked Fyd to make one for her after seeing Fyd’s purple flower crochet hanging on her mobile phone. She was very pleased with the dark blue crochet flower that Fyd made for her. Since then Fyd realized that she could create accessories to please others. After 4 years (graduated & settled in KL), Fyd managed to create her first craft blog named MisFydKrafts to share her craft work with everyone. MisFydKrafts (001975460-K) is a registered business under the Companies Commission of Malaysia since 2010.